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Lead is a common environmental hazard in commercial and residential buildings. It is a toxic metal that can cause significant health issues, mental illness or even death when ingested or inhaled. Because of the serious consequences of lead exposure, many laws have been enacted to address lead contamination, including EPA and OSHA regulations.

The most common ways people are exposed to lead are through drinking contaminated water, inhaling lead particles in the air and ingesting lead dust or flakes, especially in the form of lead-based paint. When old paint deteriorates or is disturbed through sanding or demolition, lead dust or flakes are easily released into the air and collect on interior surfaces. They also can make their way into the soil.

Many buildings and apartments built prior to 1978 contain lead-based paint, putting occupants at risk for high lead exposure. Because older water supply pipes also can contain the metal, lead inspections often reveal its presence in domestic water supplies. Children are especially at risk, but anyone can be affected by lead in the home or workplace.

When Should You Test Your Facility for Lead?

Lead testing is routinely done during real estate transactions, as part of the due diligence process. Lead-safe work practices also are advised before renovation or demolition of any facility built before 1978, and are required for homes and child-occupied facilities such as day care facilities and schools.

Lead inspection and testing will reveal whether the metal is present. If it is detected, any work on the building should be preceded by lead abatement. 

Lead testing is the only way to determine whether lead is present in a home or workplace, and is an important precaution to safeguard human health. Lead inspection, testing, abatement, and/or lead paint removal can protect property owners from liability regarding potential future lead exposure in workers and occupants. And, in many cases, it is required by law

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