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What is mold & what causes it?

Mold is a common problem in many homes and businesses. It can be found anywhere from walls to floors and even ceiling tiles. Mold can rapidly grow under the right conditions and spread if not taken care of quickly enough. Some people may think it is just “a little bit” of mold on their home, but this could be a sign that there are more serious issues going on with your living space.

What causes mold?

Here are some of the common causes of mold:

  • Humidity: If you live in a humid climate, the possibility of mold is very high as this fungus thrives in humid places or where it rains constantly, the humidity is naturally high, which is why you may need mold remediation.
  • Leaking Pipes or Roof: More often than not, it’s a water leak within the structure of the house resulting in mold formation. A leaking pipe is the most common reason for mold behind drywall and under the sink. Also, if the roof is damaged and leaks water, it can also cause mold on the roof and even the floor.
  • Winter Condensation: In winters, a condensation layer can form on surfaces because of fluctuation in temperature. This is normally the case with pipes, concrete floors, and tiles. If the condensation is persistent, mold can form on these surfaces.
  • Flooding: As if flooding itself isn’t horrible enough, it also leaves behind mold and mildew. It can take days or weeks to get the water out of the home, which is enough time for mold to make the wet surfaces home. This is why a mold inspection is necessary after a flood episode.
  • Humid Basement: Basements are the ideal places for mold as they are damp and hot even when the weather is pleasant. Because of poor ventilation or air circulation, the humidity levels in basements can be constantly high. This problem gets worse if there’s also leakage in the basement. This is why periodic mold inspection is needed for basements.

What are some common health effects of mold?

There are many different types of mold and each one has its own unique set of health effects. However, some general symptoms that can occur from any type of mold exposure include respiratory problems, skin irritation, headaches, nausea, and asthma attacks. If you are experiencing any of these symptoms after being around the mold, please consult with a medical professional immediately!

Common signs of mold

Mold may be present in your home and contaminate the air you breathe without you even realizing it. If it occurs in places not frequented, it’s easier not to notice them. Here are some common tell-tale signs:

  • Paint of Wallpaper Damage: If the mold has formed inside wall cavities, you’ll notice the paint or wallpaper starting to chip. The affected area will also be damp. In severe cases, the wall can start decaying.
  • Stains: This is the most apparent sign of mold as it creates blackish, brownish stains on the surface. The stains can occur on the ceiling, flooring, carpeting, and walls.
  • Odor: Mold in enclosed spaces can have a particular odor that smells like stagnant water. If mold forms in cabinets or closets with closed doors, you’ll be able to smell it distinctly when you open the doors. If you’re smelling such an odor in your kitchen or bathroom, it’s time to call Clean Touch Environmental.

How do I remove mold from my home?

The safest and most effective way to remove mold is by hiring a professional mold removal company. They have the experience and equipment necessary to take care of mold in a quick and efficient manner. Trying to remove mold on your own can be dangerous and could cause more damage to your home.

When should you get a mold inspection?

Clean Touch Environmental is a renowned company providing mold-related services for years. This fungal species is a significant problem in residential and commercial settings.

Many people complain of mold development. It is not only harmful to wooden furniture, walls, and corners of the place but is also a severe health hazard. Therefore, our mold inspection services offer to keep your house and business in check for mold development.

Mold inspection is an easy task. Mold development will show signs of growth in the corners of your house. Even if there are tiny spores, it means mold has already spread all over. In this case, you need to call our team for a professional mold inspection.

That said, molds often form such small colonies that the naked eye cannot easily detect them. Thus if you see moisture build-up or leaks around, you should get it checked.

What is mold remediation and how is it done?

Mold remediation is the cleaning of mold-containing areas. The success of the process depends on if it thoroughly cleans away the mold and prevents its new growth.

It involves special equipment. After a proper inspection, our team would check for the root cause and repair any leaking taps and water plumbing systems.

Afterward, mold-containing areas are isolated. To begin with, cleaning all the wet porous furniture and objects is necessary to prevent sprouting and spread of spores. Vacuum is used on affected surfaces.

Then using special chemicals, scrubs, and detergents, the place is cleaned. Disinfectants are sprayed generously to ensure the complete elimination of mold spores.

As for the wet materials, they are dried and dehumidified. This way of mold removal guarantees complete and efficient cleaning.

How are we different?

What sets us apart from other cleanup and remediation companies?​

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